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Leo Drezden – Multi-Moment

Multi Moment

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The Last Mixed Tape reviews post-rock act Leo Drezden’s debut studio album Multi-Moment

From the outset Leo Drezden’s debut album subverts expectations with surprisingly uplifting and evocative opening track ‘Approach’, setting vibrant tone of Multi-Moment from the beginning.

With all these elements entangling each other there seems to be a communicative aspect to Multi-Moment seen in songs like ‘Hunting Drums’, while tracks such as ‘Slave Lake’ provide a more serene side to the record.

Taking in parts of Frank Zappa’s quick change structures and intricate jazz interplay Leo Drezden is built on a strong bedrock of rhythm that allows these complex melodic twists and turns the freedom to expand.

Indeed, with songs such as ‘Quest’ highlighting the crunching textural undercurrent that Multi-Moment sits above, Leo Drezden bring added shade and depth to the music. This is an integral part of the record’s success as the band’s more retro progressive-rock leanings are not allowed to completely dominate and date their sound.

With its dominant flourishes of jazz put through a prism of post-rock and vivid production Multi-Moment is a welcome oasis from the more full-on, visceral sounds that sometimes dominate it’s core genre. And while the album does showcase Leo Drezden’s elaborate musicianship the record also has the ability to make you move to its uptempo over-arching vibe.

Rating: 8/10

Multi-Moment by Leo Drezden is out now.

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