The Last Mixed Tape’s 20 Emerging Acts for 2015

With 2014 now coming to a close the Last Mixed Tape looks ahead to 2015 and picks its 20 up and coming acts set to make a mark in the next twelve months.

Chanele McGuinness
Donegal based singer-songwriter Chanele McGuinness caught the attention of many within the Irish music scene in 2014, with the artist appearing at Jerry Fish’s Electric Sideshow at Electric Picnic last summer. A musician with a softly subtle voice and style McGunness is a promising new writer on the scene.

We Raise Bears
Alternative-folk duo We Raise Bears have continued to evolve in recent months, with a new E.P. due release in 2015 the pair will definitely make their mark on the coming year.

Recent live appearances, including a set at Other Voices, have singled Somerville out as on the country’s most unique and engrossing new artists, it will be interesting to see how the songwriter continues to enchant audiences in 2015.

Girl Band
Girl Band’s recent signing to legendary record label Rough Trade was an important moment in terms of the Irish noise-rock/alternative-rock scene, a group with a visceral, raw core to their sound the idea of Girl Band and Rough Trade working together is a very exciting prospect.

Cave Ghosts
2014 saw Cave Ghosts undergo a sea-change in the sound (the group’s previous E.P. K9 Sessions was vivid mix of surf-rock and indie-pop)  with a beautifully set harmony driven cover of ‘Come Into My World’ and the addition of former Hunk member Sundara O’Higgins. 2015 could be a stand-out year for the band.

Jet Setter
Indie-pop act Jet Setter released two stand-out singles in 2014 (‘Not Yet’ & ‘Dippin Toes’), the four-piece will be sure to continue to deliver their infectious indie sound in 2015.

Daäg Hur
Dream-pop duo Daäg Hur captured the imagination with their simply gorgeous, distortion and reverb swamped demo ‘Hanging on the Sea’. How the band will build on this early promise will be very interesting indeed.

I Have A Tribe
An immensely talented performer and one of the most succinct and emotive songwriters working at the moment, I Have A Tribe will continue to captivate in 2015.

Noise-pop act Spines impressed many this year with the up and coming act breaking through onto the Dublin live music scene and releasing the stand-out singles ‘Bite Me’ and ‘L.U.C.Y.’. A promising new band on the scene.

Blooms is possibly one of the most sonically defined and stylised artists on our list. A musician with a deep sense of scope both in terms of mood and tone, her debut E.P. If was a perfectly shaped introduction to the songwriter. How Blooms continues to expand as an artist in 2015 will be very intriguing.

Cloud Castle Lake
Cloud Castle Lake’s debut E.P. Dandelion was a landmark first release for the trio. A group with a bold sound and ability to create space for each layered musical flourish, a follow-up to the record will be eagerly awaited.

Garage-rock act Sissy grabbed the attention with the uncompromising feral, lo-fi sound of their self-titled debut. A fiercely singular band who encompass the exciting vibrancy of the Irish garage-rock scene.

Alternative-rock act Princess turned in two stellar stand alone singles (‘Molly’ and ‘Neverlook’) in 2014, as the group continue define their sound, 2015 could be a breakthrough year for band.

The North Sea
The North Sea’s brilliant single ‘In Love’ highlighted the band’s turbulent, atmospheric post-punk leanings and provided an exciting glimpse into the five-piece and their sound.

Columbia Mills
Bray duo Columbia Mills’ provided one of 2014’s most evocative debut E.P’s with the brilliant Factory Settings. A group constantly working and writing, the pair will be sure to make their mark on 2015.

The Altered Hours
Cork based alternative-rock band the Altered Hours have been busy recording their debut album throughout 2014. Given the full-scale power of their most recent single ‘Dig Early’ and their debut E.P Sweet Jelly Roll, the group’s first album is a very promising prospect for 2015.

With their impactful debut E.P. Back To School making waves in 2014, Dublin indie-rock four-piece Gangs will continue to establish themselves as one of the country’s most promising new acts in the new year.

Slow Skies
Slow Skies beautifully performed and produced E.P. Keepsake was a highlight of 2014 (and featured in TLMT’s Top 20 E.P’s of the year list). With the record’s release and it’s large-scale, fully realised sound it has become clear that Slow Skies are ready to make the step to full-length albums.

Dear Desert
Indietronica three-piece Dear Desert have burst onto the Irish music scene this year with their E.P. Gift Above as well as several stand-out live shows, with 2015 on the horizon the trio look set to keep this momentum going.

Elastic Sleep
Releasing arguably one of the best Irish-indie singles of the year with ‘Leave You’, Elastic Sleep are a group on the ascendency, thanks in no small part to their individualistic and inventive take on the dream-pop and alternative-rock genres. 2015 promises to be a landmark year for the Cork band.

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