Listen | The Last Mixed Tape’s Electric Picnic 2014 playlist

Following the Last Mixed Tape’s 20 must see acts at Electric Picnic 2014 list published previously, here is my playlist comprised from the artists, bands and DJ’s that appear in the feature.

With such a wide array of great Irish artists performing at this year’s Electric Picnic, the Last Mixed Tape must see acts include Bantum, I Have A Tribe, the Eskies, Maud In Cahoots, Gangs, Chanele McGuinness and the Statics who all feature on this pseudo mixed-tape.

Tracks include: Girl Band’s single ‘Lawman, ‘Sparks’ taken from Sleep Thieves brilliant new album You Want the NightLittle Xs For Eyes’ serene piece of indie-pop ‘Summer Stay’, the immense ‘Stick to Your Line’ by R.S.A.G and the stomping ‘Barefoot & Free” from Jerry Fish.

Click below to listen to the Last Mixed Tape’s Electric Picnic playlist. Read T.L.M.T’s 20 must see acts at Electric Picnic here.

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