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Review | “Cast across a stylistically rich canvas, alive with colour and shape” Wyvern Lingo – Awake You Lie

The Last Mixed Tape reviews Awake You Lie, the sophomore studio album from Wyvern Lingo

Awake You Lie is an album cast across a stylistically rich canvas. Alive with colour and shape, Wyvern Lingo’s sophomore offering finds the trio putting their lush harmony-led songwriting through a bold sonic prism. Creating a compelling spectrum of sound bustling with creativity. 

Wyvern Lingo has grown since their self-titled debut, and this evolution has led to the confident, risk-taking music found throughout Awake You Lie. Twisting and turning with striking flourishes of mood and tone, songs like ‘Sydney’ with its deep embedded beat and the dynamically turbulent ‘Things Fall Apart’ are expanded upon by a production that allows the group to explore with the space and texture of their own sound. Layered guitar lines make statements, drum beats punctuate and vocals rise and fall in new, unexpected ways. 

As vivid as Awake You Lie is, there’s also an intimacy to the songwriting characteristics of Wyvern Lingo’s roots. The gentle slow-burn ballad ‘Rapture’, shimmering ‘Aurora’ and softly set repose of ‘Full Height’ convey emotion within the highly-stylised vibrancy, giving the record an overall feeling of import not just sonically but emotionally too. 

However, it is how Wyver Lingo open Awake You Lie that truly captures the imagination. The electrifying bustle of rhythm, melody and harmony found in ‘Only Love Only Light’ is Wyvern Lingo’s best work to date. A song of vibrant wonder, the creatively alive milieu of Awake You Lie is brought sharply into focus via a sound of pure tempestuous beauty. 

And so it goes, Wyvern Lingo returns not as we found them. Awake You Lie is a shift in shape and sound, adding an abstract layer of bold, daring and unrestrained flourishes to the group’s music. Second albums can be a tricky tightrope to walk, go too far or stay in place too long and you’ll lose your balance. With Awake You Lie, Wyvern Lingo deftly continues their path, never falling, by adding new and interesting elements along to way.


Awake You Lie by Wyvern Lingo is out on Friday, February 26th. Photo credit: Miguel Ruiz.

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