TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Æ Mak, Elkin, Fears, KK Lewis, NewDad, Bobbi Arlo, Laoise & more

Elkin – Kismet

Elkin have undergone a seismic sonic sea-change in the texturally deep shape of ‘Kismet’. An abstract slice alt-pop, Elkin redefine themselves with a compelling new sound.

Æ Mak – Jamie

Taken from the forthcoming Class Exercises EP, ‘Jamie’ finds Æ Mak creating a rumbling, growling sound shaped by a heavy undercurrent, punctuating beats and vocal weaving.

Slaney – Chameleon

A refreshing slice of vivid pop hooks, melodies and beats, Slaney returns with the colourful sonic flousihes of ‘Chameleon’, resulting an instantly captivating offering from the rising pop artist.

NewDad – Slowly

NewDad return with the icy and dynamically charged new single ‘I Don’t Recognise You’, centred around intricate bedrock of woven guitar lines, rise and fall drum beats and a enthralling vocal, the band once again highlight why they are such a compelling new prospect on the scene.

Laoise – To Do:

Taken from Laoise’s brand new E.P. Healthy, ‘To Do:’ is a tender and lyrically introspective alt-pop ballad at the heart of the E.P. that showcases Laoise’s raw songwriting edge.

Fears – Vines

Awash with great waves of texture, Fears slow-burn and tense new single ‘Vines’ has a patient brooding mood that builds with each passing emergent beat and distant vocal.

KK Lewis – Good Enough

KK Lewis delivers an intricate sound on ‘Good Enough’. Impactful and confident, the track has strong backbone built around Lewis powerful vocal push and pull.

Bobbi Arlo – Feel it

A joyfully vivid sound comes bursting out of the speakers with Bobbi Arlo’s ‘Feel It’. Alive with hooks, lush beats and pin-point production, the song is brought to the fore by Arlo’s soulful vocal performance.

Carrie Baxter feat. Nealo – Without You

A stylistically smooth offering from Carrie Baxter, ‘Without You’ wraps a rich neo-soul sound around Baxter’s glistening vocal and juxtasposed by Nealo’s pin-point wordplay.

Wyvern Lingo – Sydney

Taken from Wyvern Lingo’s brilliant sophomore album Awake You Lie (out today – read TLMT’s full review here), ‘Sydney’ highlights the contrasting dynamic and sonic colours that move and flourish throughout the trio’s latest record.

Marlae – Heartache

An attention grabbing offering from Marlae, the buzzing electronic backdrop and hushed vocal found on ‘Heartache’ create a striking contrast for the song to build upon.

Midnight Wayne – It’s Alright, Hold On Tight

A vibrant retro synth-pop sound emanates from Midnight Wayne’s lush new single ‘It’s Alright, Hold On Tight’. Set against a backdrop of highly-stylised production, this track is one that begs repeating.

Jackie Beverly – Headlights

Jackie Beverly intimate re-imagining of James Vincent McMorrow’s ‘Headlights’ finds its power in the gentle presence of Beverly’s heartfelt vocal as it takes centre-stage and conveys the emotive core of the lyrics.

Rebekah Fitch – Loose Ends

A truly powerful performance lies at the core of Rebekah Fitch’s ‘Loose Ends’, built from a dyanmically leading vocal and a swing for fences production, the track is a stand-out.

Mide Houlihan – Without Me

Mide Houlihan delivers a striking turn on the single ‘Without Me’, lyrically intricate and subtle, the track has a precise sense of self conveyed in Houlihan’s centred vocal.

Orian – What Pulls You

A soaring yet emotionally wraught offering from Orian, the dramatic lifts and falls of ‘What Pulls You’ makes for a striking release from the artist.

Kevin Herm Connolly feat. Bennie Reilly – Underneath

A gently set offering from Kevin Herm Connolly, the raw emotive sound of ‘Underneath’ finds the songwriting and guest vocalist Bennie Reilly delivering a deeply emotive performance atop a layer indie-folk sound.

Afterbliss – Kiss & Tell

Afterbliss deliver an ambitous sound on the turbulent new single ‘Kiss & Tell’, set around a full-bodied production, the track packs a punch via the band’s tightly woven interplay.

Emiji feat. Sandra Maria – Unspoken

An enchanting offering soaked in far-off reverberating atmosphere, Emiji’s beautiful piano work wraps perfectly around Sandra Maria’s captivating vocal on ‘Unspoken’.

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