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Review | Rosa Nutty – Pips

rosa nutty

The Last Mixed Tape reviews Pips, the brand new extended play from singer-songwriter Rosa Nutty.

Pips is a much darker, deeper record than its title and cover would lead you to believe. Starting with the scene setting slow drum beat on ‘Hive’, Rosa Nutty’s latest offering is atmospheric in nature.

‘Fizzy’ is at the very core of Pips and works to highlight the individuality that permeates throughout the E.P. Taking with it the same production that draws the listener into songs like ‘Drive’ and other stand-out track ‘I’m Your Baby’, ‘Fizzy’ is Rosa Nutty at her best. Easily relatable lyrics that feel real when performed Nutty herself, the song carries a whole lot while never sounding overwrought or melodramatic.

By the end of Pips, one thing becomes very clear. Existing, purely by association, within the same “singer-songwriter” bracket as many other far less interesting acts, Nutty has exceeded the expectations that come with the genre by adding an air of atmosphere and depth of emotion to her music. Forgoing tired old formulas by exploring the possibilities of her songwriting sonically, with Pips Rosa Nutty identifies herself as a very promising artist indeed.

Rating: 9/10

Pips by Rosa Nutty is due out on June 15th. 

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