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The Midnight Union Band – Of Life & Lesser Evils

Of Life & Lesser Evils

Alternative-trad outfit the Midnight Union Band produce a big, full-on folk sound with their first album Of Life & Lesser Evils. 

From the beginning of Of Life & Lesser Evils the boisterous brass bombast of the album is effectively set into focus with ‘I’m Your Leader’, and continues throughout with considerable relish.

Within Of Life & Lesser Evils the Midnight Union Band evoke the “Big Music” ethos and pop inflected trad of mid Waterboys albums (see This Is The Sea to Room to Roam). Mixing pop, folk and trad with a full-on expansive production the band certainly provide a fully realized sound.

Indeed, there is an openness and real vibrancy to Of Life & Lesser Evils that permeates throughout the record. From great bursts of uplifting folk seen in ‘Just A Scar’, to the off-kilter rhythm of ‘Stormy Thoughts and the soft repose of ‘The People’ there always seems to be a strong undercurrent of sound just waiting to explode from out of the speakers.

Big brash indie-folk with a slight touch of the Waterboy’s bombastic trad sound, Of Life & Lesser Evils has a definite energy to it. Focusing more on creating a joyous mood through full-scale production rather than a drastic reinterpretation of the music that influence them, The Midnight Union Band deliver a very debut strong album.

Rating: 8/10

Of Life & Lesser Evils by the Midnight Union Band is out now.

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