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The Mixed-Tape | Buffalo Sunn – By Your Side

Photo by Emma Hopkins

Photo by Emma Hopkins

In this edition of our song of the week feature The Mixed-Tape the spotlight turns to Buffalo Sunn’s new single ‘By Your Side’.

With the joyous burst of vibrant melody and harmony that suddenly introduces ‘By Your Side’, the large-scale indie-rock production of Buffalo Sunn’s latest release comes crashing into focus in a tryst of interwoven guitars, vocals and percussion.

Filling a vast sonic spectrum, the Dublin group’s full-bodied sound creates an engaging tapestry of perfectly blended musicality. Showcasing Buffalo Sunn’s pop-sensibilities the recording jumps quickly from vivid hook-laden choruses to similarly captivating verses.

Brilliantly set vocals provide not only the engrossing foreground of the recording but also a textural backdrop from which the entire song sits upon. Constantly evolving and weaving amongst themselves, both lead and backing harmonies highlight the sense of space found in Buffalo Sunn’s (and indeed the production’s) music.

A pounding, attention grabbing, swaggering release from the indie six-piece ‘By Your Side’ is a single made to be played on repeat.

It is for these reasons that ‘By Your Side by Buffalo Sunn is this week’s addition to The Mixed-Tape. The single itself is out nowTo read the previous additions to the feature click here.

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