Daithí – In Flight


In Flight, the much-anticipated début album from Irish electro producer Daithí, provides a strong and lasting first release from the artist.

From the outset of In Flight the intricately interwoven synth elements that construct Daithí’s constantly evolving sound are simply impressive. Always moving forward and introducing new parts to the frantically percussive landscape of his music, opening track ‘Crosshair’ works as the perfect encapsulation of this approach.

Rising harsh harmonic textures, glistening pops and clicks of syncopated synthesizer and pounding beats move the album forward sonically with ‘Case Closed’ and ‘Chameleon Life’ providing a palpable pop aspect to the record.

In an album filled with collaborations it is the highly stylized melding of Daithí and Young Wonder’s sound that delivers the high water mark of In Flight. ‘Ribcage’ shudders and shimmers underneath Rachel Pixie’s powerful vocal presence with the artist never seeming overcome or lost within the sheer force of sound that serves as the song’s backdrop.

However, such is the sonic density of In Flight that overtime the album becomes subject to the law of diminishing returns. As a whole piece the record constantly and powerfully attacks the senses with large-scale dynamic lifts forming the L.P’s sonic backbone.

But as the album continues this approach loses its initial effect and starts to see each song blending into the other without a sense of aspect dynamically, leaving little respite to take in the entire experience.

This lack of structure to the record is a minor issue (especially for a début release) and it is worth noting that when tracks from In Flight are taken out of the context of the album itself and played individually (much like a single) the songs clearly stand-out better and seem more striking. One example of this is ‘Look Right At Me’ featuring Elaine Mai which appears towards at the end of the L.P.

A solid first full-length release from Daithí. In Flight delivers on all the expectation that has proceeded it, and considering the attention garnered in the build up to its release the artist has impressively dealt with the pressure by providing an album filled with potential hit singles.

Rating: 8/10

In Flight by Daithí is out now

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