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Review | “The joy of invention” Meltybrains? – You

The Last Mixed Tape reviews You, the brand new album from Meltybrains?.

There’s a point in You when it becomes clear that Meltybrains? has incorporated every genre-flourish available to them into the music. A true melting pot of sounds, You is a shape-shifting album undergoing patient metamorphosis, witnessed from start to finish. 

Meltybrains? willingness to contort and reconstruct their own sound within the space of a song is seen in the over-arching evolution of You itself. Opening with the stark, harmonically restless bedrock of ‘I Haven’t Got a Clue’, followed by the clipped dynamics of ‘A Journey To/From the Meltyworld’, the relentless forward motion of You comes into sharp focus.

Meltybrains? instill in You a world-building, almost sci-fi, mood that unfurls with each passing track. From the brief, distant echoes of ‘Mothlude’ to the minimalist rhythms of ‘Bitten by the System’ and back again with the icy atmospherics of ‘Alone with Buddha’, You resonates with soundscapes built with scale and purpose. 

However, ‘Ease That Mind’ captures the imagination most. A playful passage within You, the bouncing beat, vivid electronic pops and clicks, and robotic vocal tuning effects all add defined characteristics within Meltybrains? music, that of fun and exploration. Indeed, this essential aspect of their sound makes the sonic experimentation of You so compelling.  

And so it goes, with You Meltybrains? convey the joy of invention. Throughout an album that transforms and redefines itself, sometimes within one song, there’s a real sense of inspiration and fun to the process. A record created from innovation for the sake of entertainment. 


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