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The Last Mixed Tape’s Monthly New Music Playlist.

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The first month of 2023 is in the books and out of sight. The Last Mixed Tape looks back on the best latest music coming out of Ireland these past four weeks, compiling a Spotify playlist of definitive tracks from January 2023.

Two notable albums were released this month. The Murder Capital’s sophomore offering Gigi’s Recovery TLMT Review made a considerable impact both commercially and critically, while Meltybrains? long-awaited debut album You TLMT Review found that group exploring the joys of invention.

New songs from Ailbhe Reddy, New Pagans, Whenyoung and Lisa O’Neill all gave exciting glimpses into forthcoming records due out later this year. While CMAT, Modernlove, M(h)aol, Saige, Ailsha and more made their first steps into 2023 with attention grabbing stand-alone singles.

And so it goes, January 2023 finds Irish music building towards the year ahead. The first shots have been fired and with many exciting new releases over the horizon it will be interesting to see what’s to come.

Check out TLMT’s full Irish Mixed-Tape Spotify playlist for all the tracks featured on the site this month.

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