Review | “unveiling the wider world of The Murder Capital” The Murder Capital – Gigi’s Recovery

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Once you’ve grabbed people’s imagination, it becomes imperative that you maintain it. If When I Have Fears was a primal scream for recognition, then Gigi’s Recovery is The Murder Capital holding onto that focus firmly. With a sound that fluctuates between pensive and impatient, the group’s sophomore offering insists you pay attention.

Gigi’s Recovery weaves an extensional thematic thread. Found within the brief ambience of ‘Existence’, a sense of place is established that resonates. Bubbling under the surface, this atmospheric bedrock gives depth to tracks like the jolting ‘Crying’ and jagged ‘Ethel’. 

Indeed, Gigi’s Recovery is an album filled with angular edges punctuating restrained soundscapes. The minimalist lines of ‘The Star Will Leave Their Stage’ fade into a tension-building finale that rumbles with fury. This mirrors the lyrical milieu, as The Murder Capital rails against the dying of the light. Lines like “I’d like to remind you of this beside you I die to exist”, and “Crystals forming on your cheeks, my love. A thousand lives with you and I won’t be enough”, found in ‘A Thousand Lives’ seek to hold onto the moment, aware that it’s not always possible. 

‘Only Good Things’ forms the sonic core of Gigi’s Recovery. Sitting upon undulating foundations, The Murder Capital’s ability to create drama in every note and word is pushed forward by refined songwriting. Merged with clarity in production, one that defines Gigi’s Recovery, ‘Only Good Things’ delivers the record’s high-water mark. 

And so it goes, Gigi’s Recovery follows the feral When I Have Fears by unveiling the wider world of The Murder Capital. Distilling the heavy atmospheric core of the band’s music, the album uses the dynamic and sonic flourishes that make Murder Capital so compelling. Resulting in a record that not only demands your attention but holds it.


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