TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by New Pagans, CMAT, whenyoung, The Murder Capital & more

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CMAT’s first post If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, ‘Mayday’ marks a sea-change with jagged guitars and explosive choruses that add an edge that plays into the existential anxiety thematic to the track.

whenyoung – Shame Train

The darkly lit driving motion of whenyoung’s ‘Shame Train’ traverses a backbone of fuzz-laden sounds and unrelenting beats, highlighting a sonic shift from the duo.

lisa o’neill – silver seed

Lisa O’Neill casts her spell with the icy traditionalist flourishes of ‘Silver Seed’. Taking shape via O’Neill’s vocal rise and fall, the song is as perfectly crafted as it is performed.

new pagans – there we are john

New Pagans dynamically charged ‘There We Are John’ gives us a glimpse into the tone and temper of the band’s forthcoming
Making Circles of Our Own, with a track that demands your attention from start to finish.

Photo credit: Niamh Barry

ailbhe reddy – last to leave

The pensive, self-reflective air of ‘Last To Leave’ is an unflinching offering from Ailbhe Reddy. Making use of the sonic space, the track punctuates the meaning.

Photo credit: Naomi Williams


‘Affection’ marks the first solo release from Danny Carroll. Finding its centre in Carroll’s turn of phrase, both lyrical and vocal, the swaying indie-pop ballad nature of ‘Affection’ makes for a compelling re-introduction.

Photo credit: James Kelly

The Murder Capital – Gigi’s Recovery

Gigi’s Recovery follows the feral When I Have Fears by unveiling the wider world of The Murder Capital. Distilling the heavy atmospheric core of the band’s music, the album uses the dynamic and sonic flourishes that make Murder Capital so compelling. Resulting in a record that not only demands your attention but holds it. – Read TLMT’s full album review here


Saibh Skelly continues her run of ambitious singles with the swing for the fences sound of ‘So What?’, featuring a fully realized pop sound that allows Skelly to give a powerful performance.

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