Premiere | the Late David Turpin & Elephant collaborate on the sonically weaving ‘Concubine’

Concubine Cover (Hi Res Online).jpg

The Last Mixed Tape is proud to premiere to ‘Concubine’, the brand new single from the Late David Turpin featuring Elephant.

Awash with texture, atmosphere and brooding undertones, the expansive electronic sound of ‘Concubine’ is a large-scale, ambitious track from the Late David Turpin that creates a world of sound around Elephant’s upfront, scene-stealing vocal.

Indeed, the intertwining of soundscape sculpting, tender vocals, and electro-pop flourishes of ‘Concubine’ make for an engrossing introduction to the Late David Turpin’s upcoming album Romances which features eleven lead vocalists and over sixty musicians, producers and artists.

Click below to listen to the Last Mixed Tape’s exclusive stream of ‘Concubine’ by the Late David Turpin featuring Elephant. The single itself is due out on February 14th via Spotify

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