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TLMT’s The Week featuring Soak, Talos, Host, Ruth Mac, Toshín, Lōwli, the Late David Turpin, Fehdah, Jack O’Rourke & Hvmmingbyrd

TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Soak, Talos, Host, Ruth Mac, Toshín, the Late David Turpin, Fehdah, Lōwli & Hvmmingbyrd. 


Soak – Valentine Shmalentine
The Mixed-TapeA sparse ballad, ‘Valentine Shmalentine’ is a heartfelt lo-fi offering from Soak that portrays the artist’s ability to convey raw emotion through subtly, expressionism and space.

Host – Taste Of Your Love
A vivid soundscape with great washes of synth pops and clicks, the propellant backbone of Host’s ‘Taste Of Your Love’ is a vibrant listen from beginning to end.

The Late David Turpin featuring Elephant – Concubine
Awash with texture, atmosphere and brooding undertones, the expansive electronic sound of ‘Concubine’ is a large-scale, ambitious track from the Late David Turpin that creates a world of sound around Elephant’s upfront, scene-stealing vocal.

Fehdah – Saharakungoh
A giant leap in sound from Fehdah, the warping sound and beats of ‘Saharakungoh’ make for a hypnotic listen as we are drawn further and further into the multi-layered vocal weaving of Fehdah.

Hvmmingbyrd – Legacy
Hvmmingbyrd return with ‘Legacy’, a new single that marks a line in the sand for the duo through a sound that is highly-stylised, pulsing with vivid beats and brimming to the top with captivating vocals.


Toshín – Love & Defeat
A melting pot of retro-pop, neo-soul and R&B, the jangled ballad ‘Love & Defeat’ is vibrant new single Toshín filled with lush harmonies, weaving brass sections and a powerhouse vocal.

Lōwli – Colourless
Ethereal-folk songwriter Lōwli’s debut E.P. is a treasure trove of large open soundscapes, reverb-soaked harmony, and darkly lit atmospheres, this is nowhere better seen than in the closing track ‘Colourless’.

Ruth Mac – Speed
A song that sits perfectly on a bed of jangled guitars, gently set vocals and a hazy dream-pop-esque production, Ruth Mac’s ‘Speed’ works to introduce the songwriter as a force to be reckoned with.

Talos – Boy I Was Wrong
Album Review‘Boy Was I Wrong’ wastes little time in delving the listener into the atmospherically dense world of Far Out Dust. The piano line is drenched in reverb as textures gently ebb and flow beneath, setting the perfect backdrop for the dynamically soaring vocal. For the start, Talos brings us somewhere want to go and, more importantly, want to explore further.

Jack O’Rourke – Ivory Towers
Jack O’Rourke returns with something of a sonic sea change in the shape of the indie-pop feel of ‘Ivory Towers’, filled with lush guitar hooks, driving beats and O’Rourke unique vocal crooning, the track is a step in an exciting new direction for Jack O’Rourke.

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