Listen | Talos new single ‘Contra’ gives us another glimpse into debut album


Electronic producer Talos has returned with ‘Contra’, the latest glimpse into his debut album Wild Alee.

Few can deny that Talos’ Wild Alee is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated debut records set to come out this year.

Following his previous single ‘Odyssey’, ‘Contra’ once again opens the curtains on the far-reaching depths of Talos emotively charged music.

Glistening with a simply epic production aesthetic, and held together by hook laden beats and captivating synth lines, the sound of ‘Contra’ is breath-taking. TLMT awaits Wild Alee with great expectation.

Click below to listen to ‘Contra’ by Talos. The track’s parent record is due out on April 21st. 

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