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TLMT’s Top 50 Songs of 2017

Stephen White

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As 2017 comes to a close, the Last Mixed Tape looks back on the last year and comes up with its top 50 songs of 2017 Spotify playlist. See full countdown below. 

TLMT’s Top 50 Songs of 2017

50. Elaine Mai – The Colour of Night
49. Super Silly – Not Ready To Leave
48. Molly Sterling – Plain Static
47. Hvmmingbyrd – Gozo
46. Brass Phantoms – Indigo
45. Pale Rivers – Heart Throb
44. Tara Lee – Narcotic Heart
43. Rosie Carney – Awake Me
42. Sub Motion – Headlights
41. Pursued By Dogs – Iceland

40. Bitch Falcon – Syncope
39. Bicurious – Sugar Beats
38. AE Mak – I Walk
37. Joey Gavin – Rolf Harris Is A Paedophile
36. Jafaris – If You Love Me
35. King Bones – Who’s Got The Drugs?
34. Elephant – Waiting Game
33. Frankenstein Bolts – Anatomic Major
32. RUTH – Off My Mind
31. Tanjier – Hymn

30. For Forresters – Towels
29. Fangclub – Bad Words
28. Seamus Fogarty – Carlow Town
27. Ailbhe Reddy – The Tube
26. Rosa Nutty – Fizzy
25. Lilac Glass – Late Nights
24. Saint Sister – Causing Trouble
23. Le Boom – Don’t Need It Now
22. Rabble Babble – You Know Joe, Gal & Fran
21. BARQ – Optimus Prime

20. Soulé – Good Life
19. Vernon Jane – Fuck Me
18. Slow Skies – Shut Your Eyes
17. Lilla Vargen – Hold On
16. St. Bishop – Porcelain 
15. Bad Fit – Worry Doll
14. Rusangano Family – I Know You Know
13. Maria Kelly – Far Below
12. Pleasure Beach – Burning Up
11. Orchid Collective – L.A.Z.Y

10. Thumper – The Loser
What TLMT had to say: “A song that eats itself alive, ‘The Loser’ takes the melodic hooks of Thumper’s songwriting and pelts them with a distortion that ultimately engulfs the entire record.”

9. Montauk Hotel – Sense of Place
What TLMT had to say: “Sense of Place’ finds the self-styled shimmer-pop group delving further into their music and coming up with a fuller picture of their overall sound. The latest offering from Montauk Hotel works to establish the jangling, reverb-drenched flourishes that have become a key characteristic for the four-piece.”

8. Laoise – Rich
What TLMT had to say: “‘Rich’ is a track filled with statements both in terms of songwriting and sound. Each beat, lyric and texture seems to have a deeper meaning to it, while Laoise weaves her now characteristic enchanting vocal around the widening production.”

7. Talos – In Time
What TLMT had to say: “Glistening with a simply epic production aesthetic, and held together by hook-laden beats and captivating synth lines, the sound of ‘Contra’ is breath-taking. ”

6. Sorcha Richardson – Waking Life
What TLMT had to say: “Quite possibly Richardson’s most accomplished and vivid records to date, ‘Waking Life’ pulses with an electronic backdrop and a lush production aesthetic.”

5. Paddy Hanna – Bad Boys
What TLMT had to say: “The kind of song that has an instant timelessness to it, ‘Bad Boys’ feels like a natural step sonically for Paddy Hanna, and once again sets him apart from the pack with a production that has an almost panoramic feel to it.”

4. Alien She – Feed Me
What TLMT had to say: “‘Feed Me’ is possibly the best example of this merging of trashy punkish abandon and sprawling brooding undertones.  Distant synth lines give a sense of background to the upfront vocal shouts and unyielding rhythm section, adding to the sense of authenticity that permeates throughout ”

3. Otherkin – Yeah I Know
What TLMT had to say: “‘Yeah I Know’ has a nihilistic undercurrent that bursts right out of the speakers. It is this commitment to letting things get as loud as possible that makes the record stand-out from the pack.”

2. Beauty Sleep – Until We See The Sun
What TLMT had to say: 
“A hazy synth-laden track the simply glides from hook to hook, the production and songwriting on Beauty Sleep’s latest offering is yet another sign of the group’s ability to make indie gems on demand. ‘Until We See The Sun’ is a must listen.”

TLMT’s Song of the Year 2017 is…

Bad Bones - Come
1. Bad Bones – You
What TLMT had to say: “A frantically paced four minutes of glitching electronica, ‘You’ makes wastes little time in making an impact and further establishes why Bad Bones is such an exciting new prospect on the Irish music scene through her willingness to meld and bring music into a totally new territory.”

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