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Review | We Cut Corners – The Cadences of Others


The Last Mixed Tape reviews The Cadences of Others, the third studio album from We Cut Corners.

The Cadences of Others is an album built from the ground up. Sitting upon a bedrock of ambience and given weight by the deep rhythm and repose that populates We Cut Corners music, the duo’s third outing seems to capture the sound they’ve been searching for all these years.

Recorded in church found in the Dublin suburbs, The Cadences of Others finds We Cut Corners playing the room, using the long slow reverb in the album’s gentler moments (‘Of Whatever’) and undulating dynamism (‘On Avoiding People’) to craft a record that moves.

Never ones to hold back on atmosphere and unbridled emotions in their songwriting, the delicate thread that contrasts the tumbling alternative-rock moments (‘Milk Teeth’) of The Cadences of Others is where the core of the album’s success lies.

Track such as ‘Blood Vessels’ house vocals that cause us to lean in and listen more, whilst the trashing crescendo of ‘Sound’ makes us stand back and take in the full scope of the record. It’s by no means a coincidence that these two songs sit side by side in the album’s running order.

We Cut Corners’ The Cadences of Others is a finely tuned album. Using the medium to its utmost the pair have delivered their best album to date, as their upward momentum continues. This is the sound of a band who know what they want to get across to us, and know exactly how to do it.

Rating: 9/10

The Cadences of Others by We Cut Corners is out now

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