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The Last Mixed Tape reviews Unbelievable, the brand new extended play from All Tvvins.

There’s a lot to be said for excessive abandon, and Unbelievable has excess to burn. With their latest E.P. All Tvvins take the “go big or go home” approach, and it pays off.

Big production, big guitars, big drums, big synths, big everything. Unbelievable is massive, not only in it’s overall sound but also in its intent. All Tvvins throw everything they can at the record and it shows in just how all-encompassing the E.P. is to listen to. Unbelievable is an all out attack on the senses.

The E.P. buzzes with pure energy, from the pounding rhythms of it’s title track to the fast paced, quick change electro-pop of ‘Resurrect Me’. Large choruses are made all the bigger by dynamic jumps that don’t seem possible considering how dynamic the record already is.

Over the course of three tracks All Tvvins’ full-on sound is truly captivating. With that said, how this much force and sonic heft would play out over the longer running time of a full length record still remains to be seen.

Unbelievable is a beast of its own making. Big, loud, short and unapologetic, the E.P. is All Tvvins showcasing just how ambitious they are with their music.

Rating: 9/10

Unbelievable by All Tvvins is out now.

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