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Video Premiere | Elm release video for new single ‘Amends’

Elm promo

Elm promo

The Last Mixed Tape is proud to premiere ‘Amends’ the brand new music video/single from alternative-pop band Elm.

A song not short on grandeur, Elm’s latest single ‘Amends’ is a melting pot of alternative, baroque and folk pop sounds that culminates in an ambitious track that starts gently but builds to a great, crashing kitchen-sink finale.

Indeed, what’s so compelling about ‘Amends’ is that it never sounds melodramatic or over-baked. The single may be big on scope but it never seems to lose it’s grounded emotions (an important characteristic for any band delving into the alternative-pop genre).

With a video that matches the atmosphere of the song itself (and features a memorizing performance from a dancer tied up in strings) Elm have made an undeniable mark with ‘Amends’. It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here.

Click below to watch the music video for Elm’s new single ‘Amends’. The song itself is out today (November 16th) via

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