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Naoise Roo – Twisted Pepper

Naoise Roo promo pic

Naoise Roo promo pic

Alternative-rock artist Naoise Roo celebrate the release of her debut album Lilith with a show at the Twisted Pepper in Dublin last Saturday night (June 27th). 

The transition from the studio to the live realm can be a tricky one, indeed many acts fall foul of the disparity between the two, either by having a live sound that can’t be replicated whilst recording or vise versa. And with the stylized brooding tones of Naoise Roo’s debut album there was a fear that she too would become prey of this issue.

However, from the opening crash of piano and percussion that began the show it became clear that the Naoise Roo on Lilith and the Naoise Roo on the stage are two very different beasts, but with one just as compelling as the other.

Shrouded in smoke and accompanied by flickering black & white visuals the show carried with it the stark, bewitching mood of Roo’s brilliant new album. Through forceful renditions of ‘Whore’ and ‘For You’, the artist embodied each lyrical snarl and twist with considerable aplomb. Getting into the performance physically, Roo seemed to capture the theatrical nuances of her music in a way that could not come across on record.

Indeed, it is hard not to be captivated or even at time over-awed by the sound of it. Roo’s backing band (which included singer-songwriter Sive) were just as committed to the establishing the great brooding of Lilith live, and in turn the audience found themselves carried along with them, in some sort of mutual agreement that the gig was a whole piece in and of itself rather than a set of disparate songs played in sequence.

And so it was, Naoise Roo twisted my high expectations and delivered a live set that served to expand my admiration of her debut L.P. Leaving the venue I could not help but wonder how the songwriter will continue to grow in the future, as this was a hell of a start.

Lilith by Naoise Roo is out now via Little L Records. Read TLMT’s review here

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