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Jack O’Rourke – The Other Side of Now

Jack O'Rourke

The Last Mixed Tape reviews The Other Side of Now, the new extended play from Cork based singer-songwriter Jack O’Rourke. 

The music of The Other Side of Now is unapologetically dramatic, rushed with the glistening sentimentality that clouds are perception of the past and present Jack O’Rourke’s E.P. moves from turbulent to introspective all within its five track running time.

Capturing the rushed revelry of full-on barque-pop production, ‘Naivety’ throws the kitchen sink at the record in terms of sound. Choirs, crashing guitars, big booming drum beats and O’Rourke’s crooning voice all come together to deliver a compelling listen, that teems with sheer commitment. Indeed, the only criticism of the song itself is the sudden fade out that ends it, leaving the finale feeling anti-climatic.

And indeed, the entire record feels like a big bounding barque-pop beast. Every nook and cranny of The Other Side of Now is filled with harmony, rhythm and melody. The E.P. is crafted, both ‘Shining For You’ and the title-track move in great dynamic sweeps that showcase O’Rourke has total control over the sound, knowing when to rein it in or unleash it in equal measure.

The Other Side of Now is big and hopelessly romantic (and that very well may be why it charmed me). What the record lacks in edge it makes up for in sheer commitment. What’s more, the E.P. sounds exactly like the type of record Jack O’Rourke wanted to make, and you can’t say fairer than that.

Rating: 9/10

The Other Side of Now by Jack O’Rourke is out now. 


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