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This Side Up – 3075


The Last Mixed Tape reviews 3075, the debut extended play from Sligo based hip-hop three-piece This Side Up.

This Side Up bring a poetic spirit to the music of 3075, born out of the everyday realities that it draws from. Over the crackling intermittent beats to the lyrically twisting raps that pave right through the record’s hip-hop production the E.P. bustles with vivid sounds.

3075 is a record that moves. Whether if be the patient jutting snare of ‘Nod Your Head’ or the gritty urgently performed rap of ‘Plenty’ the record is constantly pushing thing forward, making for an engrossing listen from start to finish.

However, it is the use of language that sets 3075 apart. This Side Up understand the power of a word, especially in how the pronunciation of these words work to give that added je ne sais quoi to each turn of phrase that the group so deftly weave into their music.

This is nowhere more effectively seen than in ‘Relevant’, where we find This Side Up offsetting a soulful vocal with their own clipped bouncing rap style, giving a nice juxtaposition to the two differing way of delivering a lyric.

Irish hip-hop continues its current upsurge. With acts such as This Side Up being part of a new era for the genre in the country, 3075 gives the trio a creativity bustling introduction to grow from.

Rating: 8/10

3075 by This Side Up is out now via bandcamp.

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