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The Klares – Cookoo

the Klares

The Last Mixed Tape reviews Cookoo, the second E.P. from Dublin based indie-rock outfit the Klares. 

The sound of the Klares is that of the buzzing street lights, humming city traffic and the cavernous echo of concrete. There’s youthful frustration behind Cookoo, the whole E.P. teems with an aggressive impatience that is truly infectious.

Merging various indie-rock sounds (owing much to the early vim of Arctic Monkey’s) the Klares screech, scream and shout their way through Cookoo. Indeed the record opens with a crazed laughter that gives way to wailing feedback during the E.P’s title song.

Leaving us in little doubt of the urgency felt throughout, the Klares up the pace with the jolting rhythms of ‘Make You Feel Alive’ and imposing aggression of ‘Dress to Impress’, before taking a slight breather on ‘Armenian Bodyshop’.

What is key to Cookoo’s success as a record is also key to the Klares sound as a whole, and its the fact that you believe them. In an indie-rock scene comprised on a lot of bravado and posturing the four-piece are refreshingly direct. They talk about their lives, their desires and their outlook. Attacking it all with the same youthful confidence that makes Cookoo a compelling listen. It isn’t ground-breaking but it is certainly bone-shaking.

Rating: 9/10

Cookoo by the Klares is out now. 


  1. So is anyone of the members names klares. This is my last name, I would like to know how you came up with this name for your band


    1. Sorry for delay in replying. The name came about one day in school. We literally sat there and tried out many permutations, finally deciding on The Klares. It’s that simple.


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