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The Last Mixed Tape reviews the new E.P. from Dublin based three-piece Everything Shook, entitled Argento Nights.

Everything Shook’s E.P. Argento Nights is a record about unyielding individuality, frustration and brute force. Built from disparate musical parts, it’s also a record that fuses a myriad of sounds into a harsh, uneasy listen that captures the imagination.

The twinkling bells and slight flourishes of synth textures smooth out the sharpened beats and cutting electronica that give Argento Nights an unique sound. Songs such as ‘Come Back To Mine’ find Everything Shook playing with this collision of musical elements by giving a notable pop edge to the songwriting.

Everything Shook delve further into the darker, brooding possibilities of their own music with ‘Misericord’, which uses a strong rhythmical background and long-held synth notes to create a sense of tension. This is once again explore in the chiming bells and popping beats of Argento Nights’ closing track ‘I Walked Past Your House’.

There is a sense of malaise to the music of Argento Nights. The entire E.P. moves with a slow, yet purposeful growl that speaks of Everything Shook’s rejection of conformity. Indeed the record adamantly sets itself apart, and seeks to be taken on its own terms. Resulting in the trio constructing something unique and undefinable.

Some will find the nihilism and punkish electronic sound of Argento Nights hard to breakdown at first, the E.P. definitely broods in an abrasive way, but once that connection is made the record is an ultimately rewarding listen for its inventiveness and individuality alone.

Rating: 9/10

Argento Nights by Everything Shook is out now.

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