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Cronin – Nelson Riddle

Nelson Riddle

Indie four-piece Cronin deliver a truly ambitious, full-scale sound with their sonically vivid new record Nelson Riddle

Beginning with the sweeping epic that is the E.P’s title track, Cronin provide a widescreen, cinematic opener that lets the listener know exactly where the band intend on taking them for the rest of Nelson Riddle. With the creeping Bad Seeds-esque jolt of ‘Overlooking Paris’ confirming this direction.

There’s an over-the-top overall sound to Nelson Riddle that may frustrate or captivate depending on the listener. However, given the knowing daftness and swaggering, posture of tracks like ‘See This Man’ there is no doubt how fully and originally Cronin approach the large-scale scope of E.P.

Indeed wild excess seems to be the order of the day when it comes to Nelson Riddle and Cronin commit to this sound with relish.

With a big, brash, bold, bombastic core and full-scale production Nelson Riddle seems to revel in its own high fidelity, alternative-pop zeal. Crashing, pounding, sweeping and generally throwing the kitchen sink at the record, it’s hard not to smile at the sheer joyous abandon of it all.

Part Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, part Richard Hawley, Cronin find an individual theatricality to their music that makes Nelson Riddle a compelling curio on the Irish music scene.

Rating: 9/10

Nelson Riddle by Cronin is out now.

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