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Cut Once – Institution

Dublin based electronic duo Cut Once have unveiled the music video for their stunning debut single ‘Institution’. 

Directed by Tristan Heanue, the video for ‘Institution’ captures the flourescent, neon tinged sound of Cut Once’s music through it’s decayed urban setting, hard edits and strong use of light.

Centered around some simply brilliant performances from a cast of incredibly talented dancers, the visuals allow the artist’s movement and timing to physically mirror the percussive switches and textural flourishes found throughout ‘Institution’.

Taken from Cut Once’s debut E.P. of the same name ‘Institution’ is a fully formed and greatly realised piece of electronic pop. Backed by a weighty synth heavy production and propelled forward by a captivating central vocal the song is a self-assured introduction to the duo.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Institution’ by Cut Once. The single itself is out now via bandcamp, while the song’s parent E.P. is due for release this April.

Director: Tristan Heanue
Produced by: Cut Once & Tristan Heanue
DOP & Editor: Gerard Walsh
Camera op: Kyllian Nicholl

Lead Actress: Ciara Moran

Matthew Williamson
Adrian Waldeck
Kev “Kaos” Motiki
Leon Dwyer
Jamie Boylan
Tobi Omoteso
Ian McDermott
Casey Ronan
Joey Curran
Onai Tafuma
Clinton Liberty
Karl Smith

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