Listen | TLMT Podcast Ep. 19 – If You Like Pina Coladas

O Emperor (photo by: Chloe Brenan)

This week Steve announces TLMT’s Top 10 songs of 2015 so far, contemplates getting a tattoo and jumps over the Berlin Wall. While Kate goes full Sting circa Quadrophenia, gets “pun of the week” and alludes to a secret hollandaise sauce.

Kate & Steve celebrate 6 months of podcasting with a recap of TLMT’s Top 10 albums of the year so far (read full list here) and pick this weekend’s must see gigs including YouBloom, B.A.R.E. festival, Columbia Mills & more.

TLMT’s Top 10 Songs of 2015, so far:
10. The Hedge Schools – ‘Winter Coats’ (25.05 mins)
9. Le Galaxie feat. Elaine Mai – ‘Love System’ (26.30 mins)
8. O Emperor – ‘The Sky Is Your Oyster’ (27.40 mins)
7. The Hard Ground – ‘Pucker’ (33.38 mins)
6. Cut Once – ‘Institution’ (34.49 mins)
5. Villagers – ‘Courage’ (36.10 mins)
4. Young Wonder – ‘Sweet Dreaming’ (37.55 mins)
3. Paddy Hanna – ‘Austria’ (40.05 mins)
2. The North Sea – ‘Decay’ (41.18 mins)
1. Little Xs For Eyes – ‘Logical Love’ (43 mins)  / Blooms – ‘Love’ (49 mins)

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