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Myles Manley – More Songs

Myles Manley - More Songs


The Last Mixed Tape takes a look at indie-pop songwriter Myles Manley’s new E.P. More Songs.

Beginning with the rolling off-kilter swagger of ‘Pay Me What I’m Worth’ Manley instantly produces his best work to date. Funny, wry and unmistakably pointed the song is quirky indie-pop at most effective and best.

As More Songs move forward so too does the overall sound of the record. Changing from the fast-paced feel of its opening track to the slow, gentle folk tinged sound of ‘January’ the E.P begins to expand and contract in terms of length. However, this approach both helps and hinders the record in equal measure, adding mood to the music but also elongating it.

With the record’s central construct moving from short sharp indie-pop to longer meandering tracks there seems to be a protracted feel to songs like ‘I Love Her Family’ that simply doesn’t work. And while these tracks are more than able to stand in isolation (indeed ‘I Love Her Family’ is quite brilliant when listened to in this way) they sound overly long and unfocused when take into context with the succinct songwriting of ‘Pay Me What I’m Worth’ and ‘Ordinary Love’.

There is a definite sense of character and uniqueness to Myles Manley’s songwriting that permeates throughout More Songs. His distinct way with words and ramshackle indie-pop edges make the E.P. feel original and relevant. A compelling release from singular songwriter.

Rating: 8/10

More Songs by Myles Manley is out now.

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