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Mongoose – Whelan’s upstairs


Jazz-folk outfit Mongoose celebrated the release of their new single ‘The Bottom Line’ with a sold-out show in Whelan’s last Friday night.

With the expectant Whelan’s crowd packed to the rafters and bustling in anticipation, the stage was well and truly set for Mongoose to deliver a night to remember. And the four-piece didn’t disappoint.

Greeted to a roar of appreciation Mongoose confidently conveyed all the depth in talent and musical charm of which the group have become known. In fact with such a rapturous applause, one could have been forgiven in thinking the band had been on the scene years longer than they have.

Bringing the teeming chattering sound of conversation, that usually fills the Dublin venue on a Friday night, to a relative hush Mongoose moved through brilliant renditions of ‘Two Birds’, new material, a stunning cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘A Case of You’ and the night’s centre piece performance of their new single ‘The Bottom Line’. All of which were met with enthusiastic applause from the Whelan’s crowd.

Indeed, it isn’t hard to see why the group resonate so well with their audience. Exuding charm and wit between songs and instrument changes Mongoose kept the fun, personable tone of the night going with light-hearted banter with the packed crowd.

Although launch gigs can have a certain “home game” atmosphere to them (often heavily populated by family and friends), the reception to Mongoose’s set in Whelan’s didn’t seem so driven by these tropes. Instead the group’s clear talent and ability seemed to be the draw, with crafted musicianship and songwriting being the long-lasting characteristics of the night.

A brilliant and well performed launch, Mongoose continue to make the transition to a broader audience with their stand-out show in Whelan’s last Friday.

Mongoose’s new single ‘The Bottom Line’ is out now via bandcamp.

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