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Aoife Underwater – On The Cusp

On The Cusp E.P.

Aoife Underwater’s On The Cusp provides a vivid, fuzz-laden electro-pop E.P. brimming with vibrancy and style. 

As the E.P. opens with the vibrant ebb and flow of synth-pop tinged electronic music in ‘On The Cusp of Nothing’ the shimmering mood and sharp sound of On The Cusp work to bring Aoife Underwater’s impactful music to the fore.

With songs like the pulsating ‘Distraction’ and ‘You Didn’t Break’ (whose intro gives a much-needed respite) the fluorescent atmosphere and soundscapes of On The Cusp convey a distinct, hard-edged fuzz drenched take on the electronic genre that surrounds Aoife Underwater’s pop sensibilities and gives them a sense of definition.

Indeed On The Cusp finds its centre between the broad washes of electronic texture and Aoife Cleary’s strong, focus stealing vocal. In context, the fact that Cleary avoids becoming engulfed in the ever-evolving large-scale sound of the record’s production is a testament to the artist’s abilities.

On The Cusp is a work of harmonic, textural and melodic density. Constantly evolving and grabbing the attention the electro-pop tinged production of the E.P. bustles with vivid hook-laden elements. And while this approach can at times seem cluttered, Aoife Underwater give the music enough verve and style to keep the record sounding engaging and unique.

Rating: 9/10

On The Cusp by Aoife Underwater is out now. 

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