Listen | Daäg Hur stream new track ‘Hanging On The Sea’

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Dublin based dream-pop act Daäg Hur are currently streaming their new track ‘Hanging On The Sea’. 

Wasting little time in the opening section, the visceral swaying haze of dream-pop influenced guitar creates a wall of crashing and clashing harmonics that rumble beneath the song throughout.

At the core of the track is a lead vocal provided by Lydia Des Dolles. Serene, enchanting and performed with a sense of isolation Des Dolles confidently keeps focus within this sheer textural body of sound, never becoming engulfed or weighed down by it.

Populated by a harmonically dense soundscape that imposes itself upon the listener, a culmination of Shell Dooley’s tense washes of noise driven guitar  and Des Dolles menacing yet serenely performed vocals, ‘Hanging On The Sea’ captures a definite mood and tone with its dream-pop leanings and cohesive style.

Making an impressive statement of intent Daäg Hur’s latest track identifies the group within the growing spectrum of Ireland’s bustling alternative-rock and noise-pop scene, while also conveying enough individuality in sound to give them a sense of singular identity.

It will be interesting to hear how the band develops from this affecting starting point.

Click below to listen to ‘Hanging On The Sea’ by Daäg Hur. 

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