Listen | Daäg Hur stream re-imagining of ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’

Daag Hur

Irish dream-pop act Daäg Hur have unveiled a spellbinding dream-pop drenched rendition of R&B classic ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’. 

With its shuddering reverb soaked sound and glistening guitar textures weaving so intently into the song’s backdrop, Daäg Hur provide a vivid reinterpretation of the Goffin/King penned 1960 hit single for the Shirelles.

Occupying a space between the echoing jangle of a David Lynch score (think Blue Velvet meets the infamous Julee Cruise performance in Twin Peaks) and the band’s recent, and more aggressive ‘Hanging On The Sea‘, this cover version finds Lydia Des Dolles and Shell Dooley twisting the R&B classic into something more ominous yet enchanting.

Indeed, taking on a song with such an illustrious past and reputation can be a difficult task to pull-off, with many acts simply recreating old ground or falling prey to the many clichés a cover of this kind can entail.

However Daäg Hur completely pull apart and reassemble the core of the song to create something that feels more personal to the band themselves, with Des Dolles vocal conveying a darker more reflective take on the lyrics and Dooley’s guitar sounding like a menacing distortion of the original’s up-beat verve.

Providing something of a dream-pop gem, Daäg Hur continue to impress with the group’s sound expanding into broader sonic territory following the more claustrophobic slow-burn of ‘Hanging On The Sea’.

Click below to listen to Daäg Hur’s stunning rendition of ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’.

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