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Blooms – If

 Louise Cunnane

If, the début E.P from Blooms a.k.a Louise Cunnane, is a serene, deftly structured first release from a very promising new artist.

Fading into focus with the slow pulse of warped harmonics ‘Lust’ provides a perfectly set opening track, as Blooms’ deeply atmospheric soundscapes shudders with the echoes of syncopated rhythm and the soft hiss of reverberated vocal.

A record of considerable textural weight, If sonically melds together washing synthesizers, percussive pops and clicks and Cunnane’s hushed solitary voice. Using strong shifts in tone and mood (found most effectively found in the tense finale of ‘Skin’) Blooms craft an E.P that feels real and lived-in.

With it’s ever opening scope, If captivates from one track to the next. Keeping the E.P sounding cohesive and individualistic Louise Cunnane’s vocal rightfully dominates the evolving landscape of the recording’s backdrop. Never feeling overcome or engulfed within the vast production aesthetic of the record, Cunnane’s voice is central to the over-arching emotion of the piece.

Once the slow-burning flickering beauty of ‘Last Time’ fades to a close it becomes clear that Blooms’ début is a work of singular sound and great depth.

With its subtle tone and precise production If can captivate with a twist of melody or a clatter of percussion resulting in an E.P that works as an engaging introduction to Blooms palpable talent, it will interesting to hear how Cunnane continues to evolve as an artist in the future.

Rating: 9/10

If by Blooms is out now.

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