Listen | Blooms unveils new track ‘Guilty’

Louise Cunnane

Electronic artist Blooms has revealed a new deeply atmospheric track entitled ‘Guilty’. 

Following on from Blooms’ (a.k.a Louise Cunnane) recent attention grabbing E.P. If, which was released earlier this year, ‘Guilty’ finds the artist collaborating with Dublin based producer Kobina.

Crackling with vast echoing soundscapes that shudder with rhythm and sparse isolated beats, Blooms latest single works to blend the electronic and alternative-pop aspects of Cunnane’s songwriting into a much broader palette sonically.

Still dominating the focus and core of the music, Blooms captivating vocal draws the listener into Kobina’s large-scale production that crashes and collides with crunching intent.

A highly stylised and greatly realised return from an artist gradually building momentum and defining her sound, ‘Guilty’ is a stand-out track in the musicians already stand-out back catalog.

Click below to listen to ‘Guilty’ by Blooms and produced by Kobina. 

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