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The Mixed-Tape | Cave Ghosts – Come Into My World

Cave Ghosts (Photograph by: Ruth Guest Photography)

In this edition of our song of the week feature “The Mixed-Tape” we turn our attention to Cave Ghosts’ re-imagining of Kylie Minogue’s ‘Come Into My World’, taken from this year’s Record Store Gay compilation.

Opening with a slowly rising beat that fades into focus as its rattling nature echoes off into the recordings vast, isolated sonic backdrop leading perfectly into the stunning vocal harmonic tapestry that follows.

Showcasing the group’s expansion sonically, the sheer scope and depth of these harmonies ebb and flow into one another with ease giving the song a sense of aspect both dynamically and in terms of production. Indeed, the progressive pops and clicks of synth and broad spectrum of ‘Come Into My World’ highlights a palpable creativity and evolution in sound for Cave Ghosts.

However, with the shuddering, tremolo guitar elements grabbing focus and receding into the background Cave Ghosts core sound that made their previous releases (see ‘Mistakes’ and ‘Goodbye’) so engaging remains. Keeping these characteristics intact the band (now including former HUNK member Sundara O’Higgins) have successfully expanded on their music while still maintaining their individualistic sound.

Above this, and indeed at the centre of the recording, is the lead vocal. Resonating with emotional pathos, vocalist Jen Connell reinterprets the lyrics of Minogue’s original and gives them a tone and feel that is relatable. Supported by the multi-layered backing vocals that weave around her, Connell’s distinct vocal timbre shines through and maintains focus, never feeling over powered by the production but instead sounding like part of the broader sonic picture.

Since first coming to my attention with the track ‘Mistakes’ during my time at theJournalist, Cave Ghosts’ sound has expanded and evolved naturally. Within this captivating cover of ‘Come Into My World’ the group have showcased a sonic sea-change that is a promising indication of their future work.

It is for these reasons that ‘Come Into My World’ by Cave Ghosts is this weeks addition to “The Mixed-Tape”. The song’s parent album ‘Record Store Gay 2014’ is out now.

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