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Talos – Tethered Bones

Irish electro producer Talos has unveiled the music video for his latest single ‘Tethered Bones’. 

Directed and edited by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson of Feel Good Lost, the striking tone and imagery of the piece melds to the pulsing, syncopated beat that forms the sonic backbone of the single.

The atmospheric weight of the visuals are captured within the moving scope and focus of camera work as cuts between the large-scale open vistas to the more enclosed indoor scenes that translate the emotive textures that permeate from Talos’ music.

Swaying close-up gently and calmly focus on the primal organic nature of the videos deep-seated symbolism that resonates throughout Feel Good Lost’s direction.

As the narrative builds to its dramatic and frantically paced conclusion the actors (Ciaran Bermingham, Alexandra Carlos, & Tikara O’Halloran) convey both the emotional and metaphorical concepts behind the story arc with subtle performances and a clear connection to the material.

Steeped in visual beauty and juxtaposed by a palpable atmosphere of isolation and displacement the stylish production and artistry from Feel Good Lost, their crew and the actors involved capture the sheer scope of Talos music in way that compliments ‘Tethered Bones’ while adding a visual component to the piece that feels natural.

Click above to watch the new video from Talos for ‘Tethered Bones’ directed and edited by Feel Good Lost.

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