Listen | Talos streams new track ‘Bloom’


Cork based electronic producer Talos has unveiled his latest track, entitled ‘Bloom’.

The follow-up to Talos (a.k.a Eoin French) attention grabbing debut single ‘Tethered Bones’ (listen here), ‘Bloom’ carries the same atmospheric weight and tonal presence as it’s predecessor.

Surround in deep reverberant soundscapes, and a slow-burning rhythm ‘Bloom’ brings together electronic textures and alternative-pop sensibilities to create something insular and evocative.

Produced with Young Wonder’s Ian Ring, ‘Bloom’ has a sound made all the more powerful by a sudden dynamic and percussive twist in the songs tail that contains shades of Young Wonder-eque stylistic flourishes.

A strong and fully realized continuation of Talos’ deftly structured sound, first seen in ‘Tethered Bones’, the artist’s latest release ‘Bloom’ is a shining example of his talent.

Click below to listen to Talos brilliant new track ‘Bloom’.

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