Women’s Christmas – Tremendous

Women's Christmas

Tremendous from Women’s Christmas is a joyously vibrant take on the garage-pop genre containing moments of pure noise influenced brilliance.

Opening with the sudden burst of melodic, thrashing guitar and frantic percussion of ‘Rope of Foam’ the simply sublime blend of aggressive alternative-rock elements and pin-point pop sensibilities of the song sets the sonic tone and feel of Tremendous from the outset.

The palpable juxtaposition of ragged, swaggering interplay from Women’s Christmas within the well-crafted and considered structure of their song writing melds into the music perfectly creating a sound that is both unique and captivating. This approach permeates throughout Tremendous with the succinct snarling aesthetic of ‘Bubble On A Shelf’ and the jolting rhythms of ‘Weasel Words’.

However, it is in the frantic percussive nature of ‘Summer Born, Winter Bred’ that Women’s Christmas truly achieve the stunning sense of scope and vibrancy that group convey in their live performances. Moving from noise-rock to garage-pop elements with each sonic twist, the band maintain a hook-laden aesthetic that makes Tremendous such an engaging record.

With Tremendous Women’s Christmas provide an exciting introduction to the group’s powerful sound. Interspersed with several hidden gems the E.P’s broad sonic spectrum creates a record that captivates with each track.

Rating: 9/10

Tremendous by Women’s Christmas is out now.

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