The Mixed-Tape | Land Lovers – Matilda

Land Lovers

This week’s edition of “The Mixed-Tape” comes from Dublin indie-pop outfit Land Lovers the brilliant ‘Matilda’, taken from the group’s recent split L.P with Windings.

From the opening vibrant jangling bars of ‘Matilda’, the pin-point indie-pop sound of Land Lovers unique take on the genre. The dynamic scope and rich Doo-wop influenced backing vocals set the scene perfectly as the track joyously moves towards the verse.

Delivered with a swagger and deep sense of melody, the vocal sits above the harmonically evolving backdrop of the recording. Performed with a real connection to the lyrical content of the song, providing some of the tracks most engaging hooks that continue to reveal themselves with each listen.

Land Lovers ability to reinterpret their pop-sensibilities is captured perfectly with ‘Matilda’s succinct running time. Coming in at three minutes and thirty seconds, the group constantly progress each element of their music as they interweave melodically above the pounding, grooving rhythm that forms the recording’s sonic core.

With ‘Matilda’, and indeed many of the tracks featuring on their recent split L.P, Land Lovers’ crafted approach to song writing and sublime pop production blend together to result in a track that highlights all the best aspects of Irish indie-pop. Brilliant.

It is for these reasons that ‘Matilda’ by Land Lovers is this weeks addition to “The Mixed-Tape”.

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