Land Lovers set to play Whelan’s

Land Lovers

Dublin based indie-pop act Land Lovers are set to perform in Whelan’s on Saturday, May 10th.

With the group currently touring in support of their brilliant new spilt L.P release with Limerick based alternative act Windings, Land Lovers will return to Dublin this May to perform in Whelan’s upstairs venue at midnight.

In an album filled with eclectic musical approaches and sublime pop-production, Land Lovers contributing half of the record spawned many of the L.P’s highlights including the tracks ‘Vittima di Cucina’ and ‘Matilda’ which also featured as part of’s weekly feature “The Mixed-Tape“. Read our full review of the Windings & Land Lovers split L.P here.

Admission on the night is free before 10.30pm after which club fees apply. To be included on the guest-list visit and comment on the events Facebook page.

The Windings & Land Lovers Split L.P is out now via Popical Islands and Out On A Limb records. Listen to tracks from the record below.

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