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Swords – Hips

Dublin-based synth pop trio Swords have unveiled their latest music video ‘Hips’, visually capturing the all-encompassing tone and scale of the group’s sound.

Directed by Neil Hoare, the sheer vastness and silent atmospheric feel of the video’s opening perfectly translates the deeply evocative nature of Swords new single.

Infused with Hoare’s always captivating ability to find the emotional core of the music through the use of subtle imagery and beautifully composed camera work, the video moves almost effortlessly from ominous hand-held visuals of large-scale rural landscapes to more still, hazy close-ups . It is in the video’s final beach scenes however, that Neil Hoare composes some of his most arrestingly awe-inspiring shots to date.

The director uses these backdrop’s to enclose and capture his character’s while focusing in on the actor’s, never letting the scope of the piece over power the narrative. Katie McCann and Barry Tallon performances and palpable chemistry is underlined through deftly paced stolen glances, as the pair embody the isolated tone of the song’s music and lyrical content.

Interspersed with moments of real, honest beauty Neil Hoare’s visual translation of the intricate, echoing aesthetic of Swords music is almost poetic. The decision by both band and director to collaborate is a masterstroke, that results in a simply sublime work that will resonate long after viewing.

Check out the new music video for ‘Hips’ by Swords, directed by Neil Hoare and starring Katie McCann & Barry Tallon by clicking above.


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