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Foxglove – Go The Underdog

Go The Underdog

Go The Underdog

Singer-songwriter Foxglove delivers a deeply atmospheric sonic landscape with her new extended play Go The Underdog.

Opening with unrelenting clanging chimes of piano, ‘Crazy at the Helm’ sets the tone for Foxgloves brooding harmonic sound. Underscored by the undulating melodies of the recording’s musical backing, the vocalist creates a real mood to the piece with a snarling performance that captures the emotive feel of Go The Underdog as a whole.

Following the sudden drop found at the end of ‘Crazy at the Helm’, the softer slow-burning aesthetic of ‘Easier Said’ opens the spectrum of sound from the claustrophobic to a vast echoing backdrop. As the song continues, the carefully interwoven melodies progress and encapsulate the dream-like quality that flows throughout the E.P.

And with the soft fuzz-laden sound of ‘Promise of Heaven’, coupled with its atmospheric percussion, Foxglove closes Go The Underdog (Radio edit of ‘Crazy at the Helm notwithstanding) with a real sense of cohesion that leaves the record feeling resolved sonically as well as artistically.

Working as all good E.P’s should Go The Underdog captures Foxglove in a state of evolution, alluding to the songwriter’s future work while maintaining a sense of place. With the detailed form of its structure the musician provides an interesting indication of what’s to come.

Rating: 8/10

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