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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Pastiche, MuRli, CMAT, Kelly Thornton & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Pastiche – Disco Junkie

A darkly lit banger from Pastiche, ‘Disco Junkie’ has an electro-pop swagger to it that emanates from every beat, verse and chorus.

MuRli – By Design

Closing out MuRli’s striking new E.P. The Sky Has Windows, ‘By Design’ has a tenderness and retrospective milieu to it that melds with the sonic and lyrical harmony.

Kelly Thornton – Marks

Deeply atmospheric pop with a strong emotional edge from Kelly Thorton’s Marks On Me, ‘Marks’ casts sweeping orchestration against Thornton’s intimate vocal performance.

Loud Motive – Astronauts

Sharp edged hip-hop from Loud Motive, ‘Astronauts’ is layered in beats that snap succinctly behind Loud Motive’s spiky wordplay and delivery.

Brenna Carroll – Like I Do

‘Like I Do’ has a smooth delivery that highlights Brenna Carroll as a songwriter who can shape mood and tone around slick musicality and wordplay.

Picture: Bríd O’Donovan

Síomha & the Olllam – Craobhacha

‘Craobhacha’ ties together intricate songwriting with stylised production as Síomha and the Olllam blend melodies and meaning into one.

Badhands – When I Think About You

A serene offering from Badhands, ‘When I Think About You’ weaves a big ambitious indie sound around heartfelt songwriting and production.

Qwerty Mick – Eternal Optimist

‘Eternal Optimist’ opens Qwerty Mick’s If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now with a jolting melting pot of sound as the track moves from rhythmic and sonic twists and turns.

CMAT – Nashville

Encapsulating the large-scale sound of CMAT’s If My Wife New I’d Be Dead (TLMT Review) ‘Nashville’ has an escapist thematic thread that runs right through the songs lush country production.

Ellen Arthur Blyth – Nine

Sweeping alt-pop ballad from Ellen Arthur Blyth, ‘Nine’ is built atop a far-reaching soundscape that allows the artists soaring vocal to rise and fall in equal measure.

Saibh Skelly – Fix It To Break It

A gently set ballad from Saibh Skelly, the beautiful poised performance and subtle production of ‘Fix It To Break It’ make for a truly compelling listen.

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