Premiere | Rudy unveils the far-reaching pop textures of ‘Far Away’

Traversing hazy, far-reaching alt-pop territory, the textural, mood-driven tone of ‘Far Away’ makes for a captivating debut from Rudy. Alive with vivid sounds and an enchanting central performance the track melds a myriad of stylistic flourishes within its three-minute plus run time.

‘Far Away’ has a dreamlike quality to it that highlights a singular overall style from Rudy, resulting in a first offering that introduces the artists as a promising new artist on the scene.

‘Far Away’ by Rudy is due for release on Friday, August 27th.


5 thoughts on “Premiere | Rudy unveils the far-reaching pop textures of ‘Far Away’

  1. I love the ethereal sound of Rudy’s voice. Fantastic to see burgeoning new talent like this. A great debut with great promise. Well done Rudy and I look forward to hearing more from you.

  2. What an amazing sound Rudy! Love it! Congrats and keep them coming !

  3. Great track Rudy. Love it!!

  4. Lovely dreamy, catchy song ! Go Rudy

  5. Gorgeous. Catchy. Nice production too.

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