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Premiere | Jack O’Rourke weaves his unmistakable spell on ‘Patsy Cline’

Check out TLMT's exclusive first listen to 'Patsy Cline' by Jack O'Rourke.

Jack O’Rourke Picture: Miki Barlok

A beautifully set blend of performance and songwriting, Jack O’Rourke’s brand new single ‘Patsy Cline’ is a song woven together with deep musicality, intimate lyricism and compelling vocals.

Subtle in its presentation and emotionally affecting in its sound, ‘Patsy Cline’ takes shape via Jack O’Rourke unmistakable presence that resides in the heart of the song.

Patsy Cline by Jack O’Rourke is out this Friday, August 20th.

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  1. Anonymous

    This man’s talent knows no ends


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