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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Hex Hue, Soda Blonde, Nnic, Nerves & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past week in Irish music.

Elaine Mai feat. Ailbhe Reddy – Still Feel

Providing our second glimpse into Elaine Mai’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Still Feel’ blends Mai’s electronic cavalcade of soundscapes surround Ailbe Reddy’s engrossing central performance.

Hex Hue – Shrink

Dreamlike in its construct, the far-reaching sound of Hex Hue’s ‘Shrink’ has an epic sense of scale and a distant depth of field.

Nnic – When You’re There

Taken from Nnic’s forthcoming E.P. Slow Motion Fantasy, the intricate melding of electro-pop and alt-pop at the heart of ‘When You’re There’ creates a lush sonic world around Nnic soulful vocal.

Soda Blonde – Holy Roses

Lyrically hard-hitting and raw, musically angular and spacious, ‘Holy Roses’ finds Soda Blonde adding a layer of thematic edge to their sound ahead of their debut, Small Talk.

Nerves – Leigue

Set to a rattle and hum backdrop, the bone shaking sound of Nerves growled new single ‘Leigue’ grabs your attention from the start and never lets go.

The Zen Aracde – High Fidelity

Bursting out of the speakers with a joyously vibrat sound, the sharpe indie-pop of ‘High Fidelity’ finds the Zen Aracde crafting a melodically and sonically rich sound.

A Talk In The Dark feat. Gaze Is Ghost – Bardo

A hypnotic, widescreen offering from A Talk In The Dark and Gaze Is Ghost, ‘Bardo’ weaves its way around the listener with a bewitching tone that stays with you long after.

Molly O’Mahony – Remember To Be Brave

Spiky indie-folk comes tumbling out of Molly O’Mahony’s ‘Remember To Be Brave’, centred around a compelling performance and wordplay from O’Mahony herself.

Sinéad Whyte – Kills Me Now

A slow-burn, alt-pop ballad introduces Sinéad Whyte. ‘Kills Me Now’ is a song surrouded in atmopshere and emotion, a thread Whyte weaves the whole way through.

Royal Yellow – Still, Pt. 1

Glistening with atmospheric intensity, ‘Still, Pt. 1’ opens Royal Yellows Sill: Until with a defined sense of mood that establishes the widening scope and depth of the E.P. as a whole.

Floor Staff – Aspiration

Marking his first new work in four years, Floor Staff’s ‘Aspiration’ resonates with dynamic energy that rises and falls beneath the artists dominate vocal performance.

Polly Barrett – Thinking About You

An inviting offering from Polly Barrett, the handmade sound of ‘Thinking About You’ has an intimacy and honesty about it that makes it enchanting to listen to.

Enda Gallery – Old Fashioned

Enda Gallery’s self-reflective single ‘Old Fashioned’ is a track alive with swirling beats, big chorues and propellant synths.

SORBET – The End Of Time

Cast across an isolating hum of interlocking electronic elements, SORBET’s ‘The End Of Time’ is a track built from a defined sense of mood, tone and place.

Joshua Burnside & Laura Quirke – Taking The Wheel

Taken from their forthcoming collaborative E.P. In The Half Light, the intricate indie-folk of ‘Taking The Wheel’ creates a wonderfully woven tapestry of songwriting, atmosphere and performance.

Dea Matrona – Stamp On It

Dea Matrona’s ‘Stamp On It’ is instantly striking buzzsaw of pulsating rock from the trio as they further expand on the inspiration and influences that shape their sound.

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