TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Louise Gaffney, Ódú, Loah, RVSTLESS, Melanin Tee, Soda Blonde & more

Louise Gaffney – Until

A sweetly serene debut offering from Louise Gaffney, the hazy milieu of ‘Until’ is a song soaked in atmosphere and awash with deftly woven vocal harmonies.

RVSTLESS – Wanna Be Free

RVSTLESS delivers a lush abstraction of funk with the rolling sound of ‘Wanna Be Free’. Set to a sonically warping production, this track as an irresistible sense of forward motion.

Ódú  – Men Like Me

Ódú makes her return with the highly-stylised single ‘Men Like Me’. A mulit-layered sound comes flowing from the track, making for a compelling slice of pin-point pop songwriting.

Dani Larkin – The Red (Maca’s Return)

Our third glimpse into Dani Larkin’s Notes For A Maiden Warrior, ‘The Red (Maca’s Return)’ has entangled, twisting folk sound as Larkin’s darkly lit performance draws the listener further through the central narrative.

Soda Blonde – In The Heat Of The Night

The neon-buzzing soundscape of Soda Blonde’s latest single ‘In The Heat of the Night’ finds the group melding their slick alt-pop sound into a deep, mood-driven song that has a real sense of place.

Jehnova x lod – Ressa

Endlessly stylish, Jehnova x lox’s ‘Ressa’ is a instantly attention grabbing melting pot of sounds that finds its centre around an unrelenting lyrical flow that rest confidently above the deep beat.

Sven – Frustration

A deeply layered music lies at the core of Sven’s ‘Frustration’ that wraps itself around the artist engrossing vocal performance melding both into a powerful overall sound.

Lost In Your Mind – Death Rattle

Set to a hypnotic grizzled sound, the rumbling ‘Death Rattle’ finds Lost In Your Mind working with contrasting elements to create a track that packs a punch.

Big Love – Lily

Big love’s debut ‘Lily’ is a song wrapped and woven from threads of atmospheric indie-folk, soulful vocal performances and rising musical elements. All in all, a truly captivating introduction.

Pretty Happy – Sea Sea Sea

Pretty Happy’s collision of sound rattles into focus on their new single ‘Sea Sea Sea’, as the group’s angular, offset style pushes and pulls within itself to create a striking singular music.

Melanin Tee – Who’s She

A take-no-prisoners styled track, Melanin Tee’s brand new single ‘Who’s She’ is the type of song that doesn’t just grab your attention it demands it.

Viscose – Been There

Alive with creativity, Viscose’s vivid new single ‘Been There’ has a real feel inventiveness and vibrant artistry to it as the song build itself around a layered, pulsating electro core.

Loah – The Body To The Soul

Loah portrays a powerful interpretation of poet Eva Gore-Booth’s work ‘The Body To The Soul’. Set against a slight, intimate backdrop of glistened piano, Loah’s emotively charged vocal conveys the beauty behind the word perfectly.

Rushes – Wide Eyed

Sonically affected and stylised, Rushes harmony-driven ‘Wide Eyed’ makes for a multi-textured listen that makes use of a bold production to create a sound that is individualistic and new.

Lorraine Nash – Sing With Her

Set against a jangled alt-country backdrop, Lorraine Nash’s ‘Sing With Her’ bursts from the speakers via melding of strong songwriting and performance from Nash as she puts the same power behind the lyrics into the music.

The Crayon Set – Don’t Step Back

Taken from the Crayon Set’s forthcoming album Downer Disco, ‘Don’t Step Back’ takes on a interlocking rhythmical shape as the band delivers a pulsing dreamlike music.

Franki – Redo

Awash with textural brilliance, the shimmering pop form of Franki’s latest single has a glistening aesthetic to it that covers a spectrum of hooks and beats.

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