TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Toy Girl, The Altered Hours, Villagers, Kojaque & more

The Altered Hours – All Amnesia

The Altered Hours have made their return with the darkly contorting sound of ‘All Amnesia’, a track twists and turns with the band’s dynamically mood-driven backbone.

Villagers – The First Day

Providing our first glimpse into Villagers’ forthcoming Fever Dreams, ‘The First Day’ takes a warping sonic tone to begin with before opening out into an expansive array of colourful musical textures wrapped around Conor O’Brien’s intimate songwriting.

Kojaque – Town’s Dead

Built on a jagged foundation, featuring a sample of Girl Band’s ‘Going Norway, Kojaque delivers his most biting, spikes work to date with the grizzled sound of ‘Town’s Dead’.

Banyah – Black Fires

Set against a back drop of rising electronic pops and clicks, the forward-motion of Banyah’s ‘Black Fires’ takes on a multi-textured soundscape that evolves with each passing beat.

NEOMADiC feat. Shiv – Waves

Creating a laid-back serene core, NEOMADiC’s ‘Waves’ featuring Shiv melds a lush production with slick wordplay and soulful vocals that blend perfectly.

Kestine – Preacher’s Son

Intricate in its design and slick in its stylisation, the rich sonic milieu of Kestine’s ‘Melanie’ makes for a engrossing tapestry of sound brought to the fore by Kestine’s pin-point lyricism.

Smoothboi Ezra – Stuck

The title-track from Smoothboi Ezra’s upcoming E.P, ‘Stuck’ is a heart-on-sleeve offering that finds its centre around the songwriter’s to the bone honesty and a fragile production.

Toy Girl – Water

Toy Girl’s highly-stylised music takes on a tranquil form with the deeply-set sound of ‘Water’. Awash with far-reaching textures, rising beat, and soaring vocal performance, this track is as expansive as its ambition.

Varley – Push Pull

Joyously lush, the hazy indie-pop of ‘Push Pull’ makes for a captivating release from Varley. Alive with intertwined melodies, jolting rhythms and enchanting vocals the song deserves instant replays.

David Keenan – Peter O’Toole’s Drinking Stories

Kaleidoscopic in its form, dreamlike in its shape and abstract in its temper, David Keenan bustling comeback single ‘Peter O’Toole’s Drinking Stories’ finds the artists weaving his twisting prose around a bombastic sound.

The X Collective – WB

Chloë Agnew, Zapho, Senita, Toshín and Gemma Bradley combine forces on the X Collective banger of a single ‘WB’. Bursting out of the speakers with a vivid spectrum of genre blending stylistics, the vocal inter-play at its core makes for a totally vibrant music.

Peter Doran – Voices

A gentle, warm tone comes from Peter Doran’s new single ‘Voices’. Relying on Doran’s songwriting and vocals, the song convey’s a lot with intimate sonic palette.

Amerik – Linen

The opening track from America’s brand new E.P. Bouquet, ‘Linen’ has a gorgeous depth of field and mood to it that pulls the listener further and further into the waves of atmospherics that form the songs’ undercurrent.

Rehumanise – We Are Strong

Rehumanise creates a heavy array of sound on his latest release ‘We Are Strong’. Set against a wall of interlocking beats and soundscapes, the music has an all-encompassing feel to it.

Twin Diver – Sweet Sick

ReTwin Diver return with ominous brooding post-punk of their new single ‘Sweet Sick’. Persistent and relentless in its growled, stark sound, the band’s angular music comes to the fore with the duo’s latest offering.

How I Became A Wave – Fading Out

Wrapped around a stark sense of repose, the gently set sound of How I Became A Wave’s debut single ‘Fading Out’ builds a world of its own making from an organic foundation of songwriting.

Cat Dowling – Trouble

Cat Dowling makes her return with the jolting indie sound of ‘Trouble’. A song with a twist in its tail, Dowling latest offering builds to a brooding finale of intertwined guitars, distant vocals, and crashing drums.

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