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TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape | March 2021

The Last Mixed Tape looks back at the last four weeks to pick out some of the stand-out tracks coming out of Ireland featuring Narolane, Maria Somerville, Tim Chadwick & more

Conchúr WhiteVocation Vacation

Set to an intricate slow-burn indie sound, Conchúr White’s ‘Vocation Vacation’ plays across a darkly lit production and is brought into focus by White’s intensely portrayed vocal.

Laura Elizabeth Hughes – Two

Taken from Laura Elizabeth Hughes’ stunning new E.P. We, Myself, I, ‘Two’ is a softly set piano ballad that finds it centre in the captivating and emotionally weaved songwriting and vocals.

Somebody’s Child – Brother

Closing out Somebody’s Child brand new E.P. Hope, Amongst Other Things, ‘Brother’ growls with an intense rhythm and brooding production, all which surrounds a powerful vocal performance.

Ailbhe Reddy feat. Sacred Animals – City Unfolds

Ailbhe Reddy makes her return with the heavy atmosphere of ‘City Unfolds’ featuring Sacred Animals. Cast within a strong depth of field, the track marks a bold stylistic shift in sound for Reddy.

Narolane – Water

Denise Chaila, GodKnows & Murli meld their singular sounds and voices into the seismic new single ‘Water’. Alive with rhythm, harmony and wordplay, the track is compelling from start to finish.

Kojaque – No Hands

Effortlessly engrossing, the raw lyricism of Kojaque’s ‘No Hands’ finds introspection and observation in its beats, words, and central performance.

Manamon – In A Frame

A dynamically charged offering, Manamon’s texturally weighty ‘In A Frame’ comes alive with angular guitar work, sharp edged beats and contrasting vocals that meld together to create a large-scale indie sound.

Why-Axis – Shoulders

A short, sharp, shock but no less vibrant offering from Why-Axis, ‘Shoulders’ makes for an instantly striking listen as both the artist and the music shine bright.

Lauren Bird – Farewell

A gentle, harmony-led closing title-track from Lauren Bird’s new E.P. The Farewell, the handmade folk sound and heart-on-sleeve songwriting of ‘Farewell’ is an inviting listen.

Babylamb – Mister Magic

Joyously vivid, Babylamb swing for the fences with the bubble-gum sound of ‘Mister Magic’, delivering a lush electro-pop song alive with hooks and beats.

soul Malay

Tolü Makay – Used To Be

Tolü Makay’s ‘Used To Be’ isa raw, down-to-the-bone return from the artist made all the more powerful by Makay’s vocal which stands out strongly throughout.

Maria Somerville – Seabird

Hot on the heels from the news of signing to 4AD, Maria Somerville has released a beautiful and texturally obscured cover of Air Miami’s 1995 track ‘Seabird’ for the label’s Bills & Aches & Blues compilation album.

Tim Chadwick – favorite song

Melding a serene vocal performance with a ambitious backdrop beat, the full-scale pop of Tim Chadwick’s ‘favourite song’ is lush in its design and execution.

Galia Arad – Lion’s Den

Galia Arad’s hushed new single ‘Lion’s Den’, makes for a compelling listen that you draws you in with Arad’s tender vocal performance forming a captivating core to the music.

Conor Scott – Slip

Set to a tumbling indie-folk sound, ‘Slip’ finds Conor Scott delivering a wide-open track filled with a melodically rich backdrop and introspective songwriting.

James Vincent McMorrow X Rudimental – Be Somebody

James Vincent McMorrow and Rudimental combine forces with the vivid and ambitious single ‘Be Somebody’. Melding their texturally contrasting characteristics, this track is a vibrant, dynamically and harmonically undulating tour de force.

Erica-Cody – Calculated (acoustic)

Erica-Cody delivers a tender reimagining of her breakout single ‘Calculated’. Taking on an acoustic rendition, this version finds its centre around Cody’s exquisite vocal.

Robert John Ardiff – Black Dog

Soaked in textural depth, Robert John Ardiff’s atmospherically charged new single ‘Black Dog’ is a work of slow-burn dynamic and emotive peaks and troughs.

A Ritual Sea – Desire Lines

A Ritual Sea’s propellant new single ‘Desire Lines’ takes shape across an unrelenting backdrop, icy production and foreboding vocals, all which merge into a compelling full-scale track.

Sprints – Swimming

Sprints’ ‘Swimming’ cuts a jagged path as the band create a song that is turbulent, furious and angular. All which further makes the case for Sprints rising profile on the scene.

Amerik feat. Little Rivers – Apricot

A sprawling slice of ambient-pop, Amerik and Little River manifest a wide-open and gently set sound on the single ‘Apricot’ where the vocal and the production follow a delicate edge.

New Pagans – Lily Yeats

Taken from New Pagans seminal debut album The Seed, The Vessel, The Root and All (out today – read TLMT’s review here), ‘Lily Yeats’ is a highlight in a record full of them and conveys the jagged melding of music and meaning that permeates throughout.

Inhaler – Cheer Up Baby

One of Ireland’s most exciting bands, Inhaler make their presence felt with the fiery new single ‘Cheer Up Baby’. A tour de force track that reenforces the group’s fully-realised ambitious sound.

Twin Diver – Television

Twin Diver’s angular post-punk sound bustles from the duo brand new single ‘Television’. A jolting and tense affair, the single has a brooding undercurrent that rises with each passing second.

Senu feat. Jamel Franklin – S3

A scatter-shot beat flows form Senu’s latest offering ‘S3’. Formed around a contorting, warping backdrop, Jamel Franklin dominates the foreground with a performance as hard-hitting as the music.

Seba Safe – Lamont Lament

Pulsing yet serene, the contrasting indie-folk bedrock of Sea Safe’s hushed new single ‘Lamont Lament’ casts itself across an atmospherically set core sound.

Chasing Abbey – Defeated

Chasing Abbey return with the vivid buzz of ‘Defeated’. Almost effortless in its hook-based vibrancy, the instantly attention grabbing melding of melody and beat is a compelling one.

Clannad feat. Denise Chaila – In A Lifetime (live)

In a live reimagining of Clannad classic 1985 duet with Bono ‘In A Lifetime’, Denise Chaila cuts a haunting presence within the ethereal drama of Clannad’s music, creating a truly breath-taking collaboration.

VJ Jaxson – Call of Faith

A raucous, rich multi-layered, genre blending music comes bustling out of the speakers on VJ Jaxson’s ‘Call of Faith’, featuring an emotionally turbulent and raw vocal from the artist.

May Rosa – Ceasefire Baby

An emotionally wrought new single form May Rosa, inspired by the late Lyra McKee’s article Suicide of the Ceasefire Babies, ‘Ceasefire Baby’ is a song filled with layered moods and tones beneath a powerful vocal.

Susie Blue – May God Forgive You

Closing out Susie Blue’s latest E.P. Boys Boys Boys, ‘May God Forgive You’ finds the songwriting moving into more ambitious indie territory, introducing flourishes of synth and big swing for the fences choruses into the fray.

Saint Sister – Karaoke Song

Saint Sister add a shimmering serene synth-pop flourish to their music with the dreamlike air of ‘Karaoke Song’, taken from the duo’s forthcoming album Where I Should End. The track marks the addition a bold stylistic thread to their sound.

Æ Mak – New Friend

The buzzsaw beat of ‘New Friend’ takes on a contorting sonic shape as Æ Mak returns with a warping, melting and twisting track filled with surrealist tones, curiosities and textures.

Cat – Slipping

The debut offering from alt-pop artist Cat, ‘Slipping’, takes shape via a slow-burn, contorting sound that forms an evolving undercurrent beneath a deeply layered foreground of captivating vocals.

Lucy Gaffney – Star Sign Lover

Blending a jangled haze with aery indie, Lucy Gaffney’s spacous new single ‘Star Sign Lover’ has a widescreen sound that subtly evolves around Gaffney’s compelling lead vocal.

Was Man – The Zodiac Speaking

Inspired by David Fincher’s classic thriller Zodiac, Was Man’s ‘The Zodiac Speaking’ is an expressionistic slice of songwriting focusing on the artists voice and multi-layered storytelling, all of which plays above a glistened indie-folk sound.

For Those I Love – To Have You

Taken from For Those I Love’s groundbreaking self-titled album (read TLMT’s full review – here), ‘To Have You’ captures the records, and the indeed the artists, vital impassioned tone with a music that matches the weight of every word.

Soda Blonde – Small Talk

The title-track of Soda Blonde’s upcoming debut album, ‘Small Talk’ takes on a wide-open cinematic scale as the band deliver a music soaked in deep synth-pop atmospherics and pulled into focus via a enthralling vocal performance.

Halli – Your Love (My Way)

A deeply textured melding of abstract minimalist-pop surrounds the instantly imagination capturing new single from Halli, ‘Your Love (My Way)’. This latest offering from Halli once again makes the case for the artist rising prominence.

Havvk – No Patience

Jagged, angular edges punctuate Havvk’s latest single ‘No Patience’ as the band create a whirlwind sound that builds in tension and dynamism.

NewDad – Waves

The title-track and finale of NewDad’s incendiary new E.P, ‘Waves’ finds the band honing their spikey alt-rock into sprawling, slow-burn dreampop territory.

Rooue – Bad Blood

Closing out a trio of striking alt-pop singles, Rooue’s ‘Bad Blood’ finds the duo weaving their lush harmony rich music around a warping production that moves around vocals in kind.

Conor Scott – Need

Closing out Conor Scott’s brand new E.P. Life Now, ‘Need’ is built within a delicate milieu and puhes out via Scott’s centre-stage taking vocal resulting in a suitably strong end to the record.

Riley Holland – Say It First

A vivid, vibrant and refreshing electro-pop offering from emerging songwriter Riley Holland, ‘Say It First’ is an ambitious track that introduces us to an artist with a lot of promise.

The Clockworks – Feels So Real

Propellant indie with a defined backbone, the Clockworks new single ‘Feels So Real’ clicks into place via an unrelenting undercurrent, building guitars and pin-point vocals.

Dunx – One Of Us

Set beneath a tide of heavy atmospherics, the weighty dersert-blues sound of ‘One of Us’ finds alt-rock artist Dunx casting a long foreboding sonic shadow within a song that tumbles and rolls with dynamism.

NÍV – Home

Set to a serene. folk backdrop, the gentle air, lush harmonies and intimate tone of NÍV’s ‘Home’ make for an inviting listen that pulls you into its hushed soundscape.

Ghostking Is Dead – I Don’t Need Help

Sonically warped and twisted, Ghostking is Dead casts a flurry of stylistic flourishes across his new single ‘I Don’t Need Help’.

Travi the Native – Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Travi the Native blends a milieu of contrasting textures around his dreamy alt-pop music. On ‘Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance’, these obscured edges wash in, out and around a beautifully set core.

Sun Collective feat. Lisa Hannigan & I Have A Tribe – Wild

What a treat this is to listen to. Deftly woven elements work their way around one another within Sun Collective’s gorgeous new single ‘Wild’ featuring Lisa Hannigan and I Have A Tribe.

Cronin – Bank Of Love

Cronin returns with the swing for the fences crowing and indie of ‘Bank Of Love’. Filled with a big-music ambition, the retro-pop foundation, intricate songwriting and full-bodied vocals make for an attention grabbing listen.

Cussen – Reignite

A melting pot of style and sound, Cussen’s genre melting single ‘Reignite’ twists and turns in the blink of an eye.

Akilo feat. Sylk – Going Nowhere

The debut track from Akilo featuring electro duo Sylk, ‘Going Nowhere’ is a ambient tinged atmospheric-electronic offering built from mood and patience.

Peter Doran feat. Haley Heynderickx – Blue Mountains

Peter Doran and Haley Heynderickx weave a wonderfully gentle slice of folk with their duet ‘Blue Mountains’. Simply a joy to listen to.

Brí – More Than

Texturally led and atmospherically deep, the softly conveyed scope of Brí’s new single ‘More Than’, crackles with emotively driven music and wordplay.

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